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Thursday Morning: Extreme Right and Extreme Left. Where Has the Middle Gone?

Woke up to a bunch of cat sick everywhere and the small one not eating his breakfast. The television is finally up on the wall with too many holes in it from my attempt at putting it on the wall and failing but the cord isn’t the right cord so now I have to wait to get the right cord; or the cord fixed to actually be able to watch the television. Speaking of television; my lovely main television has gone off for repair – who ever heard of a television breaking? Anyway, off for repair into no man’s land it would seem. It went out with a promise of a budget in three days and two weeks later I’m still waiting for the budget and still looking for my television. Ho Hum.

I have to say it. This world is really a mess. Trump, in all his orange wonder and glory, now says that Google is rigging their search engines to only put up bad stories of him! Really, mum. You’d hate this guy – I know never use the word hate, okay, you’d grossly dislike him in more ways than I can count. He’s a racist, sociopath, lying, pig. But more fans than anything else, can’t get enough of him. He’s the President of the United States, by the way, an office that once meant something; that meant decorum, honour, integrity, maybe not so much on the morality front, they did have JFK and his exploits, Bill Clinton and a number of others that weren’t so discreet, but this guy, he’s just out there. He doesn’t give a rat’s arse if he insults someone; he doesn’t care if he lies and looks you in the eye whilst he’s doing it and boasts about the country being better off than it ever was. It’s not. It’s just not. The economy there is getting better; thankfully for your granddaughter, but that’s on the back of the last president and only because the low paid workers are working so unemployment numbers look good. It’s a farce. The whole world is a farce.

We seem to think that it’s okay to protect the few and throw away the many. We have, in every western country, just about, far right and far left and are losing that middle ground. I liked that middle ground. I liked living in the centre of the universe. Where nothing was too wrong or too right. Where we could laugh at our own flaws, our own inadequacies, others flaws and inadequacies and nobody was crying, ‘Arrest Him!’ ‘Arrest Her!’ ‘Lock Her Up!’ We have really gone down the rabbit hole and the hole is getting deeper and deeper by the day.

The United Kingdom wants to (or those that voted for it) come out of the EU. This is another mad idea. I do not usually put my political feelings in full view, but hey, this is an anonymous blog that nobody reads, so I can say whatever I like and nobody cares. Nobody cares anyway. Everyone thinks they are right and there are no discussions anymore. It’s slam it down your throat and suck it up, buttercup or it’s nothing at all. The hate, the shear hatred for anything that isn’t white, Christian anymore is reminiscent of the stories you, Dad and Uncle Louis used to tell me about their time in the forties and fifties. When Hitler was in power and destroying half of Europe and killing the Jews. Now it’s the Muslims. All Muslims are bad. All Jews are bad. Sound familiar? Why do we want to go back there? That was not my life in the centre. That was your life in the far right when you were young. You would be so sad now to see it happening all over again. Except now, with technology, we have the uncanny ability to create propaganda and instantly share it whereas before it took a couple of days for the propaganda to get out there and maybe, just maybe there was time to preempt the lies before the so called truths were sent out. But people then were much more hopeful. Even during that war period, they were hopeful; not even angry. Now, it’s different. Everyone is angry. Angry about something. Angry that we are entitled to a life of grandeur but only get a normal life and so we are angry. Angry that people are taking our jobs – our jobs – whose jobs – if we are all here aren’t the ‘our’ all of us?? Where is the neighbourly love? Where is the be happy for what you’ve got or be happy for what your neighbour has instead of full of hate and resentment? Where are we going? I’ll tell you where we are going….again, further down that rabbit hole!

We cannot exist without Europe. We are a small island – overpopulated as it might be – still a small island and we do not produce anything. We live on the laurels of the people in the EU, the companies and farmers in the EU where we buy all of our goods from but that’s not good enough. Because they are foreigners. We were all foreigners once upon a time. But, don’t talk about that. It’s not allowed. We have something like 67 genders now. Can you believe it?? I was taught that there were women and men and sometimes the women wanted to be men and the men wanted to be women, but once they became those things, they were still a man or a woman. Now we have things like non-binary, non-gender, gender fluid. I don’t even understand what they are! Really, you are a man or you are a woman, or you want to be a man or you want to be a woman. It’s still TWO bloody genders. But, it goes back to this small percentage of people that need to be protected; from themselves I think. It sounds harsh. I think I have mentioned I have become harder in my older age. Damaged from not being loved by my husband and betrayed a deep betrayal but it doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking. I still have a brain and my brain is on tilt most of the time thinking about the world. Where will my kids be in ten years time? How can they cope with these extremes in people’s thoughts? With such anger and hostility and people wanting other people dead for just being who they are. It is the forties all over again. It’s frightening. You taught me that we should never forget so that we don’t make these mistakes again. Well, people would like to erase history; tearing down statues of people that offend now but taught us lessons along the way of how not to be; of how to overcome the tragedies of the few to protect the many. It’s not like that now. It really scares me.

I have to get a move on. If I think about this for too long, then my head feels like it’s going to explode, so I’ll stop for now but I will pick this back up later. There’s too much to say and I’ve been quiet for too long. Keeping this inside with my smile on my face and my heart breaking into a million pieces because I don’t know where I’ll be in a year and I certainly don’t know how my children will ever be happy in their lives when all they see is killing, squashing, random craziness and the selfishness that was evident during the war. I wish you were here to protect me but I am so glad you are not here to see this world go back to a time when you lost your family and friends to the monsters of the time. When the truth was never the truth and it is the same now. It’s almost required. Fake news! The only fake news is the stuff that is spouted from every politician and white supremacist. Dark days, mum, dark days.

Cheers for now.


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